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The Fruits of Our Labors continue

I woke up today to great news. I had a miracle of an experience on my mission with an investigator who ended up joining the church about three years ago. When I woke up, I saw this photo on Facebook.

The Sister in the middle is the recent convert that we had taught. At that time her parents were no interested in religion and were very rarely home. We had talked about inviting her parents to church, but it seemed like a long shot. We taught and baptized her and two of her friends and the idea of inviting one’s parents to church seemed unbelievable for each of them. I had also taught several young women in a different area who were in similar situations. Bringing up the subject of religion, a differing religion, was not something that ever seemed to end well. However, such as in the instance with this example, miracles do happen. An Easter miracle. All things really are possible. It’s taken several years, but it’s such a great message of hope. Easter, and the gospel. It brings families together. Families can be together forever, and I know that through the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ this is true. That miracles do happen. And perhaps the greatest miracle, the miracle of repentance, and eternal life, is true. We CAN return to live with our families and our Heavenly Father and Savior again. In the end of things, when this mortal life was passed up by, all things are not over. But we will be able to live again forever. I invite all those who do not know of this great message to seek knowledge. Come to know God and the joy of the gospel that has been restored.

Derrikk Sun

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The Break is over…

It’s been a good past few weeks. Over the holiday break off of school, I’ve been able to spend time with relatives and play with little cousins. Didn’t get much done on the to-do lists, but it was a good, relaxing, break.

Yesterday, I was able to get a ride to another Nerf war in Lander Wyoming. A great group of guys and a great war. The pace was good and the variety good, too. I finally finished up my own 3D Printed Caliburn and it worked great. My all aluminum, machined Caliburn had problems with the ram not being aligned right which resulted in the top of the ram breaking. I’m assuming the top of the ram got caught on the lip of the receiver (possibly due to too shallow a chamfer and firing without a clip inserted) and firing, causing the plunger to slam into the back of the ram cause a huge torque on the end of the ram causing it to snap. When I discovered it had broken, it was in the barrel which is definitely a sign that it was simply misaligned, I’m assuming which was caused by the ram having too much vertical movement due to the new, longer priming bars having their holes drilled slightly further down the bars causing a slight gap between the priming bars and ram. The bars were cut perfectly square and supposed to be pushed against the side of the ram to keep the ram straight. There was a lot more wiggle than should have been. Solution: 1) Recut & drill new priming bars 2) Relathe and remake the rambase with new side holes 3)add a spacer between the bars and base to maintain tension. The ram needs remade anyway, so I think I’ll just drill out the old ram from the base and make a new ram from 1/2″ OD aluminum tube instead of having to remake the whole piece. However, in order to keep the Ram from moving too much vertically, I’ll probably just try to add a spacer, or maybe just a dab of glue to keep the tension on the bars. Just not dryfiring it would also solve the problem, bur user error is a big problem. Best, most reliable solution would likely be to just remake the priming bars, but I’m also out of rectangle stock bars, so I’d have to order more…we’ll see what we can do with what we have.

School starts back up on Monday and it’ll be another few months of hard, long, labor. Hopefully the work load will be less overwhelming this semester and we’ll be able to breathe a little more. I’ll hopefully be able to continue to work on Nerf blasters throughout the school year, but it’ll have to be at a much, much slower pace. School has to come first. We actually talked about prioritizing during our elder’s quorum lesson. What an important college lesson. Nerf, school, relationships, callings, social, physical, mental, etc, etc, etc. There’s a lot to think about and balance.

I’ll hopefully be able to visit the eye doctor soon and get more contacts.
My 3D printer still needs work – not feeding properly.
Mega and Rival caliburns need work.
I’ve realized how great flywheelers are and hope to continue to work on a few of those.

That’s a quick update.

Derrikk Sun

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The Week Approaching Finals….

There’s been a lot to cram in before final exams. The weather has gotten a lot, a lot, colder over the past week. Colder than last year. Right in time for exams.

It doesn’t feel like much as happened out of the ordinary over the past week or so, which I should probably count as a blessing. School, work, hobbies, food, church. That’s about the majority of it.

At this time of year, everything has been focused on finals. I’m a FHE coordinator co-chair and the activities we’ve been having and have planned for the next week or so are low-key, low-stress, finals prep activities. Come and grab a snack, and get back to studying type of activities. On the note of church/spiritual, I’m still really enjoying my religion class and learn something new everyday. This past week our professor gave a great kind of example of how our spirits and bodies may work. In reading and discussing about physical and spiritual demands, he raised both his hands and made hand puppets. He said our body’s demands over our Spirit may look something like this. Fasting, like other physical needs, were brought to a new understanding and a new light from my BoM professor. Often times, our bodies are placed with much physical demands. He took his hands and made two hand puppets, one representing the spirit, and one the body. The body may say “I’m hungry!”. The spirit responds, “Okay. I don’t need to eat, but I like you and want to stay, so let’s go get something to eat”. The body may say “I’m tired, I’m thirsty.” The spirit will concede and allow our physical needs to be met. “I’m tired” “Well, I don’t need to sleep, but let’s go sit down and relax”. However, then our professor pointed out what would be likely to happen after this continues. The body will continue and continue to place its demands on the spirit. “Kiss her!” “Look at that picture!”. And if the spirit concedes to all of the physical feelings and needs that it places on it, we can quickly see how lopsided our lives would end up being. It made me really think about how hungry, tired, exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed we may be. We may be tired and pushed to do things we may not feel capable, but it’s not just what we do, but also important what we’re becoming. If we’re tired, but keep trying and keep enduring, we’ll be able to grow. Both our bodies and our spirits can support and strengthen each other when we keep a balance. Our spirits don’t need to take breaks from the physical exertion, so surely we can tap into our spirits to find a source of strength that our physical bodies can’t supply. This insight really opened my eyes about the way that each of us can accomplish more and become more, by looking that things from more than one perspective. Spiritual and physical. My professor said it a lot better than I did, but that’s the gist.

As for Nerf, things have been good, despite not having the time to work on much. I’m continuing to sell blasters, kits, and parts regularly, but still haven’t found the time to sit down and work on anything new or even anything for myself. I’ve sold off most of my blasters and haven’t had time to make my own yet. I’m working on designing and building a homemade, clip-fed blaster that shoots mega darts (luckily most of the design has been made already, but I’ve had to remodel and design most of it anyways), a clip-fed homemade for myself, an all aluminum homemade, more rainbows (so I can actually use myself, but someone has already said they’d buy it), and have many more smaller projects to try to find the time to work on. Hopefully I”ll have some time over this coming holiday season to work on some personal projects, but I’ll likely spend much needed time with my family and relatives. School honestly eats up so much of your time, it’s amazing that anyone finds time to do anything else. Maybe I’m just really bad at time management this semester. Next semester, I’m planning on cutting back the number of credits I’m taking and going to try to have a more balanced plate. Updating this website more diligently will hopefully be one of those things that’s improved.

I’ve been using BYU’s 3D printers a lot and am really enjoying them. There’s so much freedom of creativity with them. If you can think it up, and do a little work with CAD, you can make it. And you can make it so many different colors. I’ve gone a bit overboard, but have a new dream of owning my own printer (along with a lathe, mill, bandsaw, etc).

I’ll keep it short and simple but try to do better at updating in the future,

Derrikk Sun

Also, you can find more updates on my new-ish Facebook page, Sun’s Guns:

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It’s almost Thanksgiving break!!

You can practically smell the freedom approaching, for a short time that is.

This week as overall, been pretty good. As far as school, I’m getting used to the work load now. Just in time for the end of the semester. I haven’t quite gotten the grades I’d hoped for this semester, but I know that there is still a plan and path for me that I’ll just have to work hard and diligently and try to find.

With so many things going on all the time, I further realize the importance of keeping a positive attitude and being happy. It’s easy to worry about the little things, or big things, that can keep us from looking forward.

As the holiday season approaches, I feel like it is another great time for reflection. Of all the things that come to mind, perhaps the biggest is the relationships that come into our lives. In my religion class this past week, we had a great lesson on the testimony of the prophets in the Book of Mormon. The principle we learned was on the Atonement and our Heavenly Father’s love. While I can never remember exactly what is said, I know I felt impressed by our professor’s testimony. It struck me when, as we looked at the versed of scripture, our professor testified to us that we are enough for Him. He has worlds without number in His hands, but He holds us in His heart. For all the power and divine responsibility that I’m sure a being such as God has, the thing that matters most to Him, is us. Just like Christ and what He did. It also makes me wonder what is truly important to me and what I can do to show that same kind of love, charity, and selflessness to others. God really does live and love us. He has a plan and path for each of us to help us become what He knows we can. We have so much potential and He wants us to achieve it. All over the scriptures this truth is mentioned. it is His work and glory. He will not let us fail. All things will work out for our good. He will never forsake us. As I strive to remember this, everything seems to go smoother, despite what may actually happen throughout the week.

Nerf sales have been good and very busy this past week, also busy with school. We just took our last batch of midterms and are going to be studying up for finals. Super stressful.

Last Saturday, I had a great opportunity to join in a Nerf war in Lander, Wyoming with a Nerf group up there. It was in a large school gym with over 60 people. At the peak time, it was a crazy gym full of people and darts wizzing by everywhere. As the day went on (we Nerfed from 3-12) the numbers started to lesson and gradually became really fun in a different way. Lots of people is fun, but a smaller close knit group is fun too. We played some tournaments and had a good time. Also, Utah beat out Wyoming in the end. Yeah! I’ll try to get some video up soon.

As we are in the middle of the week, Thanksgiving is approaching and we might finally get time to rest up and catch up on sleep. Be safe over the holidays and remember to think of people to thank!

Derrikk Sun

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Baking! Spiritual Answers. Not related, possibly.

I like making things and I realized I actually do enjoy cooking a bit. I made muffins (from a box) but they were still good.

As far as Nerf goes, I’m still working on some new projects and finishing up others. There always seems to be something else to tinker with. However, sometimes, even tinkering with something I like doing can become tiresome until a clear path is defined and enthusiasm can be worked back up. To sum up:
-further adjustments to 3DP clipfed made
-3DP Mega blaster in the works
-made 3DP new pumpgrip
-reworked pupstyle homemade
–self centering seal
–studier handle 20x
–better pumpgrip
–100% reliable catch
–99% air seal
-made and bought several hundred darts
-working on new style mag for darts
-sold blasters

It’s been a good past few weeks. Still trying to sell lots of other blasters so please take a look!

I had a chance to study the plan of salvation recently and have heard of a lot of people talk about the plan of salvation from institute, my religion class, and Sunday school. The plan provides us with a big picture. The front cover of the jigsaw. All the little parts and pieces are the pieces of the jigsaw that come in the box. As we study and understand the big picture, we’re better able to put the pieces together. In Alma 12 it states that we will be given precept upon precept. A little light at a time until we are given to know the mysterious of God. We may not be at that last part yet, but as we study and examine each piece of the puzzle, we are taking in a little at a time and will be able to put together the pieces until we will fully understand the big picture. It takes time, but as we continue to strive to learn and become more like our Savior and Heavenly Father, we will be guided to know what to do. He has given us so many resources and will not let us fail. May we keep the fight and continue to press on.

Derrikk Sun

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Midterms, Nerf, and Temples.

The title sums up this past week or so pretty well. Class goes on and its feels as if life revolves entirely around tests. It’s awfully stressful, but we college students are hanging in. It takes a great deal of perseverance and dedication. It’s far too easy to let things go and not take heed to what’s important. The natural man really is lazy. The past few midterms I’ve taken, I haven’t done as well as I would have liked and it has had negative consequences. It all kind of comes down to not procrastinating and actually staying on top of the work throughout the weeks that lead up to the midterms. If we do just enough to scratch by, it isn’t enough to retain information and be adequately prepared for the tests. Life lesson learned: actually do.

Nerf has been coming okay. I’m at least putting in a little more time than in past weeks. I’ve mostly playing catch up, but am still far behind on blasters people want and on new designs. I’m making progress on finally buying supplies and then doing some small assembly. Nothing much or time consuming, but it feels good to be actually making headway. It, however, doesn’t feel particularly good to be spending additional money on parts, especially shipping which ends up being as much as, if not more, than the cost of materials. I’ll hopefully be able to sell a few in the next few weeks to make the cost back.

I finally found time to get to the temple again this past week. To be honest, it’s actually the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to go. When I went though, I was very happy. I told myself I was going to go at the first opportunity I could and get it done. After submitting my last class on Tuesday, I went straight to the temple and made it to the last session before it closed. While it’s still a challenge to stay awake, I was super glad to be able to go again. As I’ve been more diligent in scripture study and personal prayers combined with temple attendance, I’ve really noticed other aspects of my life seem to get less stressful and better too. Nothing much, but I’ve begun to feel a bit more understanding and more comfort that things were going to work out okay. Seeing as how nothing has really changed in my routine other than these things, it only leads me to further believe that putting God first really does make everything work out. It’s a lesson that is so hard to actually grasp and keep a hold onto for long and I feel like I constantly go back and forth, but the fact is that God doesn’t change. He is and will always be our caring and loving Heavenly Father who is willing to help us every time we turn to Him. It’s just on us whether or not we will. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” (3 Nephi 13:33). All things will be added unto us if we just place Him first. He will lead us down the path that will be best for us for He knows what’s best, but we have to trust Him enough to ask, rely on Him, and do our part to follow him.

Derrikk Sun

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The Weeks Go By…

Sometimes it feels as if I have a ton happen in a week and have a lot of thoughts, but as I sit down to write them, they disappear somewhere. It must be a sign that I’m old if I even misplace my thoughts.

There are some people who I hear about and feel motivated. One such is president Washington. He was a man of such character and valor that he is easily revered as the best president we’ve ever had. I find it interested, though, that as a military general, he wasn’t the great. He didn’t actually win many of his battles and as far as prowess and special ability, he was generally nothing special. However, though willpower and grit, he was able to be a great leader and accomplish great things. It kind of gives me hope too when I think about my abilities. It’s less important what we’re able to do, but the kind of person we are. I hear this a lot on campus too. Professors and hirers will often say they are less interested in people with exemplary skills, but more interested in people of exemplary character.

While most of the time I can’t remember all the words spoken, but can I can always remember the feelings that I have when I feel inspired. On Sunday, there was a powerful quote on prayer and asking for help. I can’t really remember at all what was shared, but I do remember it gave me a greater desire to pray more earnestly and sincerely and since then, I have done better with my personal prayers. I feel my relationship with our Heavenly Father increase and feel a greater desire and motivation to attend the temple, read my scriptures, and others.

A powerful spiritual thought that I can across this past week was from Elder Holland’s talk, Be ye therefore perfect, eventually. The topic of being enough whether it be good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, spiritual enough, etc, has come up frequency lately. It always seems that people judge themselves based on the perceptions of others and measure themselves up to some sort of made up scale that is impossible to actually achieve for the scale is always set higher than we are currently at.

The truth of this is, like Elder Holland emphasizes, is that God expects us not to actually be perfect NOW, but to choose good. He expects us to excel by choosing, not just our performance. In the scriptures, it says the blessings of God will be given to all those who keep the commandments, and to those who strive to do so. God looks at what we choose and what we are trying to do more than just what we’re actually able to do. We are awarded for our efforts.

Don’t need to be perfect in GPA or body image. He cares infinitely more who we are than what. In addition to this, He cares more about our eternal progression than simply our temporary, temporal standing. Meaning, God is going to give us challenges and trials and without answers from us sometimes and make us endure hard things without immediately making the burden feel light because He knows that what we will become from these things will be what makes us into the types of people and sons/daughters of God that will be able to live up to the great divine potential that we have. If God were to ensure our lives were easy, comfortable, and okay all the time, we would NOT be able to grow and NOT be able to actually progress. Be thankful for what you have. Make the most of your trials and choose to grow.

This week, we also had another Nerf war with the UNFF. It was fun, as always. I was able to sell some Nerf guns. Midterms are still hard. I’m sure stressed, but hanging in. Next week, we’ll be able to go see the open house of the new Meridian Idaho temple. I’m sure excited.

This past week marked the one year mark of the death of the king of Thailand, too. There was a giant funeral ceremony. Everyone got the day off and watched the ceremonies. It was a super emotional time for Thailand. I, although not a Thai person, was sad too. I remember hearing the news of the King’s death a year ago and felt a type of connection with the Thai people and had much sympathy for them. Let me just say, many kings and leaders don’t do much. They kind of govern and are respected. The king of Thailand was not one of those leaders who just led. He was a father figure to all of Thailand. He served with the people. He labored for them. He cared for them and loved them. Not as just a leader, but as an actual father. As I learned more and more of what he did for the Thai people, I, too, felt inspired, grateful, and loved the king. As this period of time happened, I pondering about role models, kings, and the Gospel. It is tremendously sad when people we love pass away or have bad things happen to them. However, we have knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. We know what happens after this life. We know that this life is not the end. It is not the end of the love, support, or influence of those people. We can live our lives in remembrance of those who pass and can continue on to strengthen others. It’s not always necessary to do exactly what they did or to sacrifice as much as they did, but the WAY we live our lives is a showing of how we feel. We don’t need to be a policeman, firefighter, soldier, doctor, nurse, full-time volunteer in order to give back. We can give back in many small ways every day. Take a look at your life and realize you’re doing good. Your influence is felt. It’s felt by many, many more than you realize.

When I think of a role model or great king, I immediately think of our real king. The king of kings. Our savior Jesus Christ. While there have been many great, noble, noteworthy, amazing, loving, dedicated, selfless leaders, none have done as much, have made as large of a sacrifice, are as selfless, loving, dedicated, or are critical and essential to each and everyone of us all the same than the one who was directly sent by God himself. The very son of our Eternal Heavenly Father. Sent to die, but not only that, sent to LIVE for us and because He lives, we all may live again too. I know that this is true. I’m so thankful. All the love, respect, reverence we may have for others, all pale in comparison to our savior.

Short and sweet,
Derrikk Sun

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School has been…bearable for the most part. Homework is manageable with the help of study groups, online resources, and some late nights.

I’ve decided to try to actually take selling Nerf blasters a bit more seriously and am looking into an etsy shop and really spreading the word. I’ve added a new page to my blog, this blog, with a little online store. Take a look! I’m going to try to really keep on top of updating it regularly.

I think the only thing I write about is how stressful life can be and that we need to stay calm and focus on what’s important, but I can hardly seem to be able to do that. Haha.

One big highlight this week and the reason why this post is so late is that this weekend we had a Field Training Exercise with ROTC. We went out to Camp Williamson and lived life in the shoes of soldiers. We ran practice runs of formations and lanes. We practice iterations of ambushes, crossing linear danger zones, platoon attacks, sleeping outside in the cold in patrol bases, established objective rally points, ate Meals Ready to Eat, repelled, shot M16s, got instruction from some sergeants, rucked, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was a great experience. When we got back, the wives of some of the soldiers, cadre, and cadets made a whole bunch of chili for us. We had rolls, cookies, pumpkin bread, and tons of chili. Despite just being able to eat free food, what was really touching was seeing the reaction of all of the people who were excited to see each other after a day or two of being apart. You could really see and feel the friendship, bonds, and love that they had. I am of course talking about the families, wives, and girlfriends of other cadets. While waiting in line to turn in some gear, some cadets were talking about how sometimes it’s awesome to go out with the guys on a great trip, do fun things, have freedom and not have anyone else to worry about, but they accepted and said after wards that, “but it’s times like these that make you kind of want a good relationship. Coming home and having someone waiting for you, someone to come back to and have someone there is just such a great feeling.” It reminds me of the lesson we had in relationships and dating class in Sunday school. It’s not that we can’t be happy if we don’t have someone else, it’s not that we can’t live alone and be happy, but having someone else to share our feelings and experiences with will help add to what we have now. We take our happiness and add it to someone else’s.

In life of relationship or marriage, we need to endure and have patience. Sometimes a lot of patience. Day by day, we have a lot we have to endure whether it be missing each other, disagreements, keeping commandments works through other problems, family, school, work, learning, living, finances, careers, children, etc, etc, etc the list goes on an on, but I love how the Gospel applies to everything. No matte work, school, relationships. We have to faith and believe, but if we make a mistake in something, we repent and try to earnestly do better. We make covenants with ourselves and others, and receive guidance from our Heavenly Father, we are patient and endure to the end, keep building up our faith and continue in this cycle as we strive to improve our selves. I love how much reassurance and support we receive from the scriptures. Alma 26:27 “Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.” D&C 24:8 “Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days.” God is always with us and will always give us strength if we place Him first and seek His help. As we read our scriptures, pray, fulfill our callings, and strive to become more Christlike everyday, we’ll be able to see more of His help in our lives.

Sorry for cutting this week short. I’ll try to make up for it later in the week.

Love you!
Derrikk Sun

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Find the Joy in the Journey

Here’s a mid-week thought. These are notes and things I’ve learned in my BYU religion class and at church. My most spiritual moments have been when sitting in my religion classes.

We do not earn or do anything to deserve salvation. All is through the merit of Messiah. Man cannot merit anything of himself. Keeping commandments helps us receive grace. God will save us through the mercy and grace of His son, but we have to keep the commandments. I honestly feel that if you were to take an investigator and sit him down in the middle of the religion classes at BYU, they would be converted before the end of it. I love being able to learn secular things, and also spiritual.

Heavenly Father gives us an opportunity to become like Him through commandments. At the end of our days, it’s not like we’re going to open up a briefcase, lay out our accomplishments and say I’ve made it into heaven. Here’s my missionary call, my Young Men or Young Women’s awards, this a list of all the callings I’ve had, these are all my tithe and offerings slips, etc, etc. Those things don’t qualify us to enter into heaven. They are only there and given to us in order to change us. It’s through the change we undergo through Christ that qualify us to return to God’s presence.

We don’t sing hymns because they sound good. We sing it because it’s true. I love the hymn I Need Thee Every Hour. It’s true. Christ is the center, or should be, the center of our lives. In my religion class, our professor shared an article written by a Non-Mormon about Mormons and their thoughts of Christ. I recommend you give it a read. It stuck out to me that the center of all we do is Christ. It’s called “Mormonism Obsessed with Christ” by Stephen H. Webb. He gives great reasoning and examples of how some other Christians view Mormons. The truth is we’re obsessed with Christ.

After this, our professor shared an experience where he presented his lesson plans for the first few chapters of the Book of Mormon to the church education board for review and feedback. He said the the reviewer said his lesson plans were overemphasizing Christ. He was shocked. I’d be shocked too. How can you overemphasize Christ in a book that is a testament of Christ. They explained he overemphasized Christ because he never mentioned Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father was our first relationship. Christ’s role is to invite us to Him so he can cleanse us, make us pure, prepare us, and then present us to return back to our Heavenly Father. Christ did not come to do anything but give all glory to the Father. This realization was so profound.

I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love Him. I want to follow Him.

If a prophet was coming to our home, how would we react. If our hometeachers were coming, how would we respond. We often view and react to people based on their status or position, but God is no respecter of persons. Does the God we worship pay attention to worldly titles and possessions and standings and positions or worldly prowess? God is not a respecter of persons. God does not pay attention to skin pigmentation, DNA, pedigree chart, or standing in the world.

If we are ever in a phase of life where we’re feeling cut off, we don’t know what to do, and we start to feel more and more withdrawn from heaven. We try to pray and it seems like it’s just bouncing off the walls. Think, where is our relationship with Heavenly Father? Are we out of balance in our life. Are we placing our priorities on anything other than placing Heavenly Father where He needs to be, at the head. I’ve felt like this has been a big theme in my life the past few weeks. Things have been hard. Life isn’t easy. There’s little growth in the comfort zone and little comfort in the growth zone. It can be incredibly overwhelming. My apologizes for getting personal. When things get hard, never forget to turn upwards. Never forget to keep God close. All the time. Not just during the times when we need Him, but especially during the times when we need Him. If we are not careful and diligent, we can find ourselves all of a sudden being further from Him than we thought. This happened to me. But it’s never too late to get back on the road that He wants us to. The road back to Him. You’ll get past the point of pseudo memorized prayers and get to a point of starting to actually talk to your Heavenly Father.

​The greatest battles you will fight will be in the silent chamber of your own soul. Ask and you shall receive, but sometimes we are too prideful or scared to ask. Take courage. Don’t be afraid.

We need to trust in the Lord, but we’re the ones who make the decisions. We can’t be afraid to act. It’s okay to make a mistake and have to get back on track. We’ll learn and be able to make better choices. Must have skill to make decisions and skill to listen and follow.

Doctrine and Covenants 90:24. “search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good”. God will not allow anything to be to our downfall. He simply won’t allow it in the end.

Conference theme: trust God. I’d encourage everyone to diligently listen and ponder the words of the Prophets from this past general conference. I know you will be enlightened, feel of God’s love, be filled with the Spirit, and be given the strength and direction needed for this time in your life. I know I have.

Happy mid-week,
Derrikk Sun

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Nerf, conference, mid-terms, etc

It’s been a great, fantastic week! Things have been chugging a long and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Both good, and bad.

The workload from school continues to progress and increase. Midterms are getting closer and closer and the number of project and essays is increasing. ROTC is still taking up my Thursdays and trying to take my weekends, my job takes my mornings, I have class through the afternoon, and homework taks my evenings. I have little time for much else.

This past weekend was General Conference, my mission reunion, several Nerf events, and I had numerous people contact me about buying Nerf guns from me and having me build them for them. It’s been busy.

Friday night I went to a Mod Party where a bunch of people came together to modify and build Nerf guns. I finally learned a little about modified flywheel and electric blasters, but most of my time was spent helping others build homemade blasters and trying towork on commissions that people had bought from me but hadn’t been finished yet. I worked on these through the night and the following Saturday morning, we left early to take part in the first Human vs Zombies event of the UNFF. It was amazing fun with A TON of running. I was a human for half of it and a zombie for half. One great thing was I was able to be a ‘spitting’ zombie for some of it and was still able to shoot a little. I ran around with a sword and a small pistol which was a ton of fun. We then played NIC (Nerf-internet Community) rounds with higher powered blasters and I was able to give out my blasters for loan and the people who took part had a ton of fun. Sadly, a lot of regulars weren’t able to make it so it wasn’t a large group, but was definitely a good start for NIC with the UNFF. We went to eat at Famous Daves and in the evening we went to an arena of a new UNFF member, Derek. He came to see how things were run, but ended up having a really great time. We played with stock, unmodified blasters in the small arena and played games such as Murder and Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT). It was a full, entire day of Nerfing from Modified blasters with HvZ, highpowered blasters with NIC, and stock with indoor. A full variety and a ton of fun. If you’re free, come join in!

On to General Conference. I wasn’t able to watch the Saturday or Priesthood sessions live, but have been catching up. The talks that stood out to me the most were on family, getting through trials, growing from tribulation. I felt so uplifted by conference. With all the unfortunate and challenging things that are happening day-by-day, it’s easy to feel discouraged. Despite this, God knows who we are, our potential, and how to help us. For example, families. All of the major things that you see people struggle with. The big things and often life-changing things, there are guidelines and help that He has given us. I felt the Spirit urging me to pay attention to the talk(s) on covenants, the temple, and families. The center of the Church, the purpose of the Gospel, and what Heavenly Father wants for us is to have celestial families for eternity and have true joy. He has given us clear direction and divine revelation through the Family Proclamation and other sources.

I was also very impressed with Priesthood session. Everyone time I listen to, read, or hear stories in conference and the talks, I am reminded about who I am and about what each of us Priesthood holders have in terms of responsiblity and power. We’re constantly reminded and warned and exhorted to never forget the divine calling that we have, that each of us have, as holders of the Priesthood, as children of Him, as members of the Church, as people who know truth, as those who have testimonies, and those who have made covenants. He has given us tremendous responsibility and tremendous trust. He loves us. He has entrusted us with His power and gifts of the Spirit. It’s up to us to live up to that. I remember a general authority mentioned how we may want to curl up under the covers and be afraid, but He has also enabled us to accomplish and live up to our potential. We can do it.

I’m so excited to be able to continue to study these talks over the next months. As I walked to school, was at work, or working on Nerf blasters, I’ve switched to listening to these conference talks instead of just listening to music. I’m so thankful for the words of living prophets that we have that guide us in these latter days.

Derrikk Sun