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The Weeks Go By…

Sometimes it feels as if I have a ton happen in a week and have a lot of thoughts, but as I sit down to write them, they disappear somewhere. It must be a sign that I’m old if I even misplace my thoughts.

There are some people who I hear about and feel motivated. One such is president Washington. He was a man of such character and valor that he is easily revered as the best president we’ve ever had. I find it interested, though, that as a military general, he wasn’t the great. He didn’t actually win many of his battles and as far as prowess and special ability, he was generally nothing special. However, though willpower and grit, he was able to be a great leader and accomplish great things. It kind of gives me hope too when I think about my abilities. It’s less important what we’re able to do, but the kind of person we are. I hear this a lot on campus too. Professors and hirers will often say they are less interested in people with exemplary skills, but more interested in people of exemplary character.

While most of the time I can’t remember all the words spoken, but can I can always remember the feelings that I have when I feel inspired. On Sunday, there was a powerful quote on prayer and asking for help. I can’t really remember at all what was shared, but I do remember it gave me a greater desire to pray more earnestly and sincerely and since then, I have done better with my personal prayers. I feel my relationship with our Heavenly Father increase and feel a greater desire and motivation to attend the temple, read my scriptures, and others.

A powerful spiritual thought that I can across this past week was from Elder Holland’s talk, Be ye therefore perfect, eventually. The topic of being enough whether it be good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, spiritual enough, etc, has come up frequency lately. It always seems that people judge themselves based on the perceptions of others and measure themselves up to some sort of made up scale that is impossible to actually achieve for the scale is always set higher than we are currently at.

The truth of this is, like Elder Holland emphasizes, is that God expects us not to actually be perfect NOW, but to choose good. He expects us to excel by choosing, not just our performance. In the scriptures, it says the blessings of God will be given to all those who keep the commandments, and to those who strive to do so. God looks at what we choose and what we are trying to do more than just what we’re actually able to do. We are awarded for our efforts.

Don’t need to be perfect in GPA or body image. He cares infinitely more who we are than what. In addition to this, He cares more about our eternal progression than simply our temporary, temporal standing. Meaning, God is going to give us challenges and trials and without answers from us sometimes and make us endure hard things without immediately making the burden feel light because He knows that what we will become from these things will be what makes us into the types of people and sons/daughters of God that will be able to live up to the great divine potential that we have. If God were to ensure our lives were easy, comfortable, and okay all the time, we would NOT be able to grow and NOT be able to actually progress. Be thankful for what you have. Make the most of your trials and choose to grow.

This week, we also had another Nerf war with the UNFF. It was fun, as always. I was able to sell some Nerf guns. Midterms are still hard. I’m sure stressed, but hanging in. Next week, we’ll be able to go see the open house of the new Meridian Idaho temple. I’m sure excited.

This past week marked the one year mark of the death of the king of Thailand, too. There was a giant funeral ceremony. Everyone got the day off and watched the ceremonies. It was a super emotional time for Thailand. I, although not a Thai person, was sad too. I remember hearing the news of the King’s death a year ago and felt a type of connection with the Thai people and had much sympathy for them. Let me just say, many kings and leaders don’t do much. They kind of govern and are respected. The king of Thailand was not one of those leaders who just led. He was a father figure to all of Thailand. He served with the people. He labored for them. He cared for them and loved them. Not as just a leader, but as an actual father. As I learned more and more of what he did for the Thai people, I, too, felt inspired, grateful, and loved the king. As this period of time happened, I pondering about role models, kings, and the Gospel. It is tremendously sad when people we love pass away or have bad things happen to them. However, we have knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. We know what happens after this life. We know that this life is not the end. It is not the end of the love, support, or influence of those people. We can live our lives in remembrance of those who pass and can continue on to strengthen others. It’s not always necessary to do exactly what they did or to sacrifice as much as they did, but the WAY we live our lives is a showing of how we feel. We don’t need to be a policeman, firefighter, soldier, doctor, nurse, full-time volunteer in order to give back. We can give back in many small ways every day. Take a look at your life and realize you’re doing good. Your influence is felt. It’s felt by many, many more than you realize.

When I think of a role model or great king, I immediately think of our real king. The king of kings. Our savior Jesus Christ. While there have been many great, noble, noteworthy, amazing, loving, dedicated, selfless leaders, none have done as much, have made as large of a sacrifice, are as selfless, loving, dedicated, or are critical and essential to each and everyone of us all the same than the one who was directly sent by God himself. The very son of our Eternal Heavenly Father. Sent to die, but not only that, sent to LIVE for us and because He lives, we all may live again too. I know that this is true. I’m so thankful. All the love, respect, reverence we may have for others, all pale in comparison to our savior.

Short and sweet,
Derrikk Sun

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