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Baking! Spiritual Answers. Not related, possibly.

I like making things and I realized I actually do enjoy cooking a bit. I made muffins (from a box) but they were still good.

As far as Nerf goes, I’m still working on some new projects and finishing up others. There always seems to be something else to tinker with. However, sometimes, even tinkering with something I like doing can become tiresome until a clear path is defined and enthusiasm can be worked back up. To sum up:
-further adjustments to 3DP clipfed made
-3DP Mega blaster in the works
-made 3DP new pumpgrip
-reworked pupstyle homemade
–self centering seal
–studier handle 20x
–better pumpgrip
–100% reliable catch
–99% air seal
-made and bought several hundred darts
-working on new style mag for darts
-sold blasters

It’s been a good past few weeks. Still trying to sell lots of other blasters so please take a look!

I had a chance to study the plan of salvation recently and have heard of a lot of people talk about the plan of salvation from institute, my religion class, and Sunday school. The plan provides us with a big picture. The front cover of the jigsaw. All the little parts and pieces are the pieces of the jigsaw that come in the box. As we study and understand the big picture, we’re better able to put the pieces together. In Alma 12 it states that we will be given precept upon precept. A little light at a time until we are given to know the mysterious of God. We may not be at that last part yet, but as we study and examine each piece of the puzzle, we are taking in a little at a time and will be able to put together the pieces until we will fully understand the big picture. It takes time, but as we continue to strive to learn and become more like our Savior and Heavenly Father, we will be guided to know what to do. He has given us so many resources and will not let us fail. May we keep the fight and continue to press on.

Derrikk Sun

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