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It’s almost Thanksgiving break!!

You can practically smell the freedom approaching, for a short time that is.

This week as overall, been pretty good. As far as school, I’m getting used to the work load now. Just in time for the end of the semester. I haven’t quite gotten the grades I’d hoped for this semester, but I know that there is still a plan and path for me that I’ll just have to work hard and diligently and try to find.

With so many things going on all the time, I further realize the importance of keeping a positive attitude and being happy. It’s easy to worry about the little things, or big things, that can keep us from looking forward.

As the holiday season approaches, I feel like it is another great time for reflection. Of all the things that come to mind, perhaps the biggest is the relationships that come into our lives. In my religion class this past week, we had a great lesson on the testimony of the prophets in the Book of Mormon. The principle we learned was on the Atonement and our Heavenly Father’s love. While I can never remember exactly what is said, I know I felt impressed by our professor’s testimony. It struck me when, as we looked at the versed of scripture, our professor testified to us that we are enough for Him. He has worlds without number in His hands, but He holds us in His heart. For all the power and divine responsibility that I’m sure a being such as God has, the thing that matters most to Him, is us. Just like Christ and what He did. It also makes me wonder what is truly important to me and what I can do to show that same kind of love, charity, and selflessness to others. God really does live and love us. He has a plan and path for each of us to help us become what He knows we can. We have so much potential and He wants us to achieve it. All over the scriptures this truth is mentioned. it is His work and glory. He will not let us fail. All things will work out for our good. He will never forsake us. As I strive to remember this, everything seems to go smoother, despite what may actually happen throughout the week.

Nerf sales have been good and very busy this past week, also busy with school. We just took our last batch of midterms and are going to be studying up for finals. Super stressful.

Last Saturday, I had a great opportunity to join in a Nerf war in Lander, Wyoming with a Nerf group up there. It was in a large school gym with over 60 people. At the peak time, it was a crazy gym full of people and darts wizzing by everywhere. As the day went on (we Nerfed from 3-12) the numbers started to lesson and gradually became really fun in a different way. Lots of people is fun, but a smaller close knit group is fun too. We played some tournaments and had a good time. Also, Utah beat out Wyoming in the end. Yeah! I’ll try to get some video up soon.

As we are in the middle of the week, Thanksgiving is approaching and we might finally get time to rest up and catch up on sleep. Be safe over the holidays and remember to think of people to thank!

Derrikk Sun

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