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The Fruits of Our Labors continue

I woke up today to great news. I had a miracle of an experience on my mission with an investigator who ended up joining the church about three years ago. When I woke up, I saw this photo on Facebook.

The Sister in the middle is the recent convert that we had taught. At that time her parents were no interested in religion and were very rarely home. We had talked about inviting her parents to church, but it seemed like a long shot. We taught and baptized her and two of her friends and the idea of inviting one’s parents to church seemed unbelievable for each of them. I had also taught several young women in a different area who were in similar situations. Bringing up the subject of religion, a differing religion, was not something that ever seemed to end well. However, such as in the instance with this example, miracles do happen. An Easter miracle. All things really are possible. It’s taken several years, but it’s such a great message of hope. Easter, and the gospel. It brings families together. Families can be together forever, and I know that through the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ this is true. That miracles do happen. And perhaps the greatest miracle, the miracle of repentance, and eternal life, is true. We CAN return to live with our families and our Heavenly Father and Savior again. In the end of things, when this mortal life was passed up by, all things are not over. But we will be able to live again forever. I invite all those who do not know of this great message to seek knowledge. Come to know God and the joy of the gospel that has been restored.

Derrikk Sun

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  1. I’m thrilled with the beautifully-crafted, purple Rainbow blaster that you made for me. Astonishing power and accuracy. Thanks Derrikk, now I can finally get those lawn flamingos under control.
    –Marko in Hawaii

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