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It’s approaching MIDTERMS…….

As things go along, we’re getting closer and closer to midterms. It’s a kind of stress that I’m sure makes many people go grey.

Somethings I’ve thought about are reemphasized from an Engineering Council Advisory meeting we had a few days ago for my ME EN class. We had people come in from several well-known companies and gave us advice into the hiring process and how to get started in engineering careers. A piece of advice they all shared in common was to find what we like to go and go for it. To be confident and go after whatever our dreams were. Or to get a dream if we didn’t have one. It made me think of a song from a certain Disney movie about people having dreams. Bonus points if you can guess it.

Because of mid-terms coming up and how likely it is that school is going to kill me, I find myself also thinking about how Heavenly Father will help us. We often hear if we have faith, we can see miracles. I thought of Joseph Smith’s teachings on faith. In order to have true faith and see miracles occur from our faith, we have to have three things.

1. A belief that God is real. This often isn’t hard for too many people. Many people already believe in some higher power.
2. A correct understanding of God’s character. God loves us. He is our father. He is able to help us and guide us in whatever it is we’re striving for. This understanding is often a bit harder for people to acquire.
3. A knowledge that one’s actions are in-line with God’s desire for them. We do what we can in order to follow Christ and to become more like Him. We are obedient, have charity, and are striving to do what He would view as right. This is the hardest to do.

We believe in God, we believe that He is capable of helping us, but are we doing what we need to in order to have real faith? In order to receive help from on high for our school work, Heavenly Father’s will for us would no doubt be for us to do all we can in order to achieve the grades we want. He will, of course, help us along the way, but requires us to do our part as well. “for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith”. The obstacles and trials that we face will be able to be overcome, but it always requires us to have hope, believe, and exercise faith through diligent action.

Also, General Conference was sooooo good!!! I’m going to try to study a conference talk a week and share what I learn here.

For ROTC, we practice procedure for what to do if contact is made with a hostile force. We simulated with paintball guns and went up in the mountains. It was a really fun, engaged exercise.

I’ve also finished some blasters that people have bought this past week. I’m still behind on some.

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