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Nerf, conference, mid-terms, etc

It’s been a great, fantastic week! Things have been chugging a long and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Both good, and bad.

The workload from school continues to progress and increase. Midterms are getting closer and closer and the number of project and essays is increasing. ROTC is still taking up my Thursdays and trying to take my weekends, my job takes my mornings, I have class through the afternoon, and homework taks my evenings. I have little time for much else.

This past weekend was General Conference, my mission reunion, several Nerf events, and I had numerous people contact me about buying Nerf guns from me and having me build them for them. It’s been busy.

Friday night I went to a Mod Party where a bunch of people came together to modify and build Nerf guns. I finally learned a little about modified flywheel and electric blasters, but most of my time was spent helping others build homemade blasters and trying towork on commissions that people had bought from me but hadn’t been finished yet. I worked on these through the night and the following Saturday morning, we left early to take part in the first Human vs Zombies event of the UNFF. It was amazing fun with A TON of running. I was a human for half of it and a zombie for half. One great thing was I was able to be a ‘spitting’ zombie for some of it and was still able to shoot a little. I ran around with a sword and a small pistol which was a ton of fun. We then played NIC (Nerf-internet Community) rounds with higher powered blasters and I was able to give out my blasters for loan and the people who took part had a ton of fun. Sadly, a lot of regulars weren’t able to make it so it wasn’t a large group, but was definitely a good start for NIC with the UNFF. We went to eat at Famous Daves and in the evening we went to an arena of a new UNFF member, Derek. He came to see how things were run, but ended up having a really great time. We played with stock, unmodified blasters in the small arena and played games such as Murder and Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT). It was a full, entire day of Nerfing from Modified blasters with HvZ, highpowered blasters with NIC, and stock with indoor. A full variety and a ton of fun. If you’re free, come join in!

On to General Conference. I wasn’t able to watch the Saturday or Priesthood sessions live, but have been catching up. The talks that stood out to me the most were on family, getting through trials, growing from tribulation. I felt so uplifted by conference. With all the unfortunate and challenging things that are happening day-by-day, it’s easy to feel discouraged. Despite this, God knows who we are, our potential, and how to help us. For example, families. All of the major things that you see people struggle with. The big things and often life-changing things, there are guidelines and help that He has given us. I felt the Spirit urging me to pay attention to the talk(s) on covenants, the temple, and families. The center of the Church, the purpose of the Gospel, and what Heavenly Father wants for us is to have celestial families for eternity and have true joy. He has given us clear direction and divine revelation through the Family Proclamation and other sources.

I was also very impressed with Priesthood session. Everyone time I listen to, read, or hear stories in conference and the talks, I am reminded about who I am and about what each of us Priesthood holders have in terms of responsiblity and power. We’re constantly reminded and warned and exhorted to never forget the divine calling that we have, that each of us have, as holders of the Priesthood, as children of Him, as members of the Church, as people who know truth, as those who have testimonies, and those who have made covenants. He has given us tremendous responsibility and tremendous trust. He loves us. He has entrusted us with His power and gifts of the Spirit. It’s up to us to live up to that. I remember a general authority mentioned how we may want to curl up under the covers and be afraid, but He has also enabled us to accomplish and live up to our potential. We can do it.

I’m so excited to be able to continue to study these talks over the next months. As I walked to school, was at work, or working on Nerf blasters, I’ve switched to listening to these conference talks instead of just listening to music. I’m so thankful for the words of living prophets that we have that guide us in these latter days.

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