Mag Full Length to Half Length Conversion Kit


Reversible kit to convert full length dart stick mags to half length dart stick mags.

Mag modification required, but no mag disassembly required.



8-32 x 3/8″ screw
1/4″ brass for follower
3/16″ brass threaded on one end

Drill with 1/4″ and 5/32″ bits
Super glue

Installs by drilling 1/4″ hole in top of follower and 5/32″ hole in bottom of mag. Apply superglue around top of 1/4″ brass and glue onto follower. Slide 3/16″ brass into mag with threaded side down. Screw in 8-32 screw onto bottom of brass and tighten.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
For mag size

6 round, 10 round, 12 round, 18 round


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