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Wow, what a week!

It amazes me how every passing week, probably every day even, is just so different and filled with so many blessings!

In the weeks that have passed by, I’ve noticed that as I’ve had diligent scripture study and had my priorities straight I was more able to face challenges with optimism. On the flip side, the times were I started to lessen my diligence in scripture study were the times other parts of my life gradually began to suffer as well. I noticed this in school work, relationships, my enthusiasm, and even physically sometimes. It’s been an interesting few weeks of relearning and I have since not missed a day of scripture study.

This past week I was able to give a blessing to one of my roommates who had been pretty sick. He was feeling pretty down physically, as well as emotionally and asked me for a blessing. I felt humbled by the experience and totally didn’t expect to give a blessing that day. I realized just how important it is to really always be prepared because we don’t know when the Lord may need to call upon us.

Recently, school work has seem to be going really well. It’s not as stressful and pretty easy to manage. It just takes a bit of getting used to, and I also contribute that do Gospel and scripture study. It also really helps that my religion class is definitely my favorite class too.

Biology Lab
On Monday, we also started to identify the insects that we collected from the Provo river last Saturday. Bugs are weird, and smell gross, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Afterwards, I walked through the Bean Life Museum with a classmate from my bio class. We were super impressed by all the stuffed animals there. I got a picture with probably the largest elephant I’ve ever seen. But I’m still not going to change to be a biology major.

Being in a whole new phase of life, there’s so much more going on. We meet so many successful people who have seen the world, big business CEOs, recruiters, program managers and directors, people who have a lot of say, responsibility, and make real difference. It’s really intimidating. We had a career fair this past week and a lot of guest speakers in seminars and lectures. It’s hard to imagine one’s self possibly being in those kinds of places in the future. Right now, I’m just trying to get settled in, getting a job, participating in a couple of clubs and just trying to stay alive eating my own cooking. Maybe someday we’ll make a difference, but we’ll take it one day at a time.

Rural Housing Development
On that note, just yesterday I went with Rural Housing Development (RHD), a volunteer club here at BYU, to help build houses for members of the community who are receiving gov’t help to build their own homes. It was a pretty fun experience and I met a bunch of new people. Also, they’re looking for new program directors so I’ll probably apply and be more involved. Last night, David and I also went to a training for the Underwater Robotics Club too. Aside from some free pizza, we’ll be able to help local schools design, build, and compete in an Underwater Robotics competition. Way cool!

One thought that I had this past week, on a spiritual note, is that when someone we really love parts from us, it really takes its toll. It’s really hard. It can leave us with an emptiness that longs to be filled, but is never satiated. We can either let it fester and make us s ad, or we can learn and grow from it. We can then learn how to love more truly. It’s a choice we have to make when things happen. It may take some time to readjust and learn how to get over that, but after the initial affect passes, it’s then up to us how we will move forward. As we then turn outwards and look towards others, we’ll be able to find ourselves again and rediscover all of the hope and love that is still in the world that we may not have seen before. So count your blessings. Realize the grass is always greener on the other side if we choose to see it. We are the sum total of all that we experience, say, do, and think, so don’t let the negative or sad occupy our minds. Choose the good. Choose to be happy!

Ghetto Pizza Part

Studying with Live Music

Other things that happened:
*Club night(free pizza)
*Business Strategy in Engineering seminar (free donuts)
*How to Travel the World seminar (free pizza)
LDS Church at Career Fair
*Service Abroad info Party (free pizza)
*Disney trivia night (awesome new song)
*Music Friday (free chips and salsa), also an awesome church history section

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The Start of Something New!

I’ve learned so much in the past years, but continue to relearn things. The post-mission transition is quite difficult. From work, school, cooking, budgeting, social relationships, etc there’s an infinite number of things that change. As a missionary, we rarely ever do anything for ourselves. We serve others for two years straight, giving all our time, energy, and commitment to the one task of serving others. Coming back, now it feels like much of what we do is so much for ourselves. We work to get money, we go to school to increase our knowledge, it often feels so incredibly different from a missionary life. A career and education are essential for our lives. Despite facing so much change, the purpose is still the same. A two-year mission, a four-year degree, or a lifetime career, they all point towards the same end of returning to live with Heavenly Father and an eternal family. It’s just a different, but essential, approach to it. Through everything that has happened since being home from my mission, one thing I’ve seen stay the same is that our Heavenly Father is continuous helping us. He’s assisting us every step of the way. Never has he ทิ้ง’d us or left us alone. Often the many trials we face in life can leave us feeling lost, discouraged, broken. But He is there.

Heavenly Father has a plan for us that is more wonderful than we can imagine. As we are obedient, repent, and strive to have the Spirit, we will be led to know what it is He would have us do. God is always there and I’ve definitely seen the truth of this, not only on a mission, but from everything that has happened since, and I know for everything that will come, too. So many scriptural examples show us that it may take many times before we truly learn what we need to know, but He is loving and patient with us as we strive to understand.

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No Place Like the Y

We have so many laughs in biology!! And no other place can religion be talked about in a place of learning. Biology teacher testified so powerfully. Science proves religion to be true and I’m so glad that I know that. And that people here at BYU know that. All of the professors make such a great first impression.

It’s awesome to get to learn secular AND spiritual knowledge at the same time. My Eternal Family class is by far the most interesting. We review all of the points, principles, and doctrines of eternal families. I’ve already learned so many things that I had never known before.