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We’ve Arrived in Chiang Mai

This past week was super great too! We flew out of Bangkok on Friday and we’re now in Chiang Mai. We’re staying in a large house with 27 other people in a small place called Fang. It’s a three hour bus ride from Chiang Mai. There’s no air conditioning, only fans, and plenty of insects to go around. My first night I was visited by a few millipedes our first night.

We got here got a little settled in, and visited a few Buddhist temples. We stayed Saturday night in Chiang Mai, walked a marked, visited some other temples, and went to church Sunday morning. It was so great to see the members again. I talked to a bunch of people, but we’ll see them again in the weeks to come. We’ll start work tomorrow and I’m really excited.

My last few days in Bangkok were also very relaxing. We took a break from extensive sight seeing and decided to spend more time resting. I enjoyed being able to slow down, too, and enjoy the time we had instead of worrying where to go or what to do.

That’s about a summary of what we’ve done.

We didn’t have much time to write today, but we’ll make the next ones longer.

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Adventures in a foreign land!

I’ve made it to Thailand safe and sound. I’m not nearly as jet lagged as I though I’d be, but my appetite is still synced to America time. We landed and sight saw a bit, visited a few vacation spots, before finally arriving in Bangkok.

I have to say, I’m super excited to be here. It really is like visiting a second home. Attending church for the first time today was so great! Being able to see a bunch of old friends who were basically like family brought back great memories. It’s different to meet people as a regular person and not a missionary. It’s not a bad or good different, just different. Perhaps it shows more of my mindset as a missionary, but it feels like less pressure or stress going to church and meeting people as not a missionary. Now it’s a lot more like an equal and a friend. It’s a mindset that’s new. I really love the people here. It’s still a bit weird having people who seem so excited to see me, but it’s expected when you haven’t seen a friend in a while. We were able to make a few different appointments for the coming up week and the itinerary looks full. I fly to Chiang Mai on Friday to start my internship. Before then, it looks like a pretty full agenda.

We also called the family today and got to see Levi again. He’s still so cute and chubby! I know babies are a handful to take care of, but it also just seems like such a great experience!

The original plan was to stay with a friend here, but their family wasn’t accustomed to received strangers and other than the one member of the family, I didn’t know them. We changed the plan to stay at the house of a different member who was okay with it, but I knew them even less than the family. After decided to stay with the member I didn’t know instead, the family that I didn’t know changed their minds last minute and said it was okay. It was the day before I flew out too. It was such a crazy, amazing mini miracle of sorts. That the original plan would work out on its own was a much blessing and is looking to be way better than the other plan. I feel even more and more blessed and thankful for the way things just plan out. They say those who obey the commandments, worked hard as missionaries, and are diligent are blessed. I’d definitely agree as well. The family is so welcoming and nice. They prepared a lot to receive me. Fixed up a room that was not in a good state for me, replumbed the bathroom, found a small bed to stay on and made sure that there was plenty of food to eat. They are diligent in taking care of me and pretty much refuse to let me do their dishes which is a bit of a hard thing for me. I’m super grateful for their kindness.

Also, I didn’t even realize how much I’ve missed the food! Every dish we eat is so good!

Next week we’ll write from Chiang Mai and we’ll see how the internship goes.

Have a great week!!!
Derrikk Sun

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Every Week, Every Day

There was no post last week, mainly due to laziness, but the weeks to come will certainly be better.

Every day I find more and more reasons to be grateful. From friends, to family, to all the little blessings that we receive day by day. It just amazes me to realize what all our loving heavenly Father has given us.

I’ve been promoted to pretty much the highest student position I can reach at work on campus. It’s still not the best job and I’ll look around for alternatives for next semester, but I enjoy knowing that I’m contributing to the work I have.

Not much has happened, but I’m most excited to go back to Thailand for my internship and visit my old areas.

There’s actually a lot that happens every week and day, but there’s too much to write!

I’m constantly impressed on how I’ve seen the blessings of the Gospel. For example, I continue to see a pattern of sincere prayer and scripture study with the overall attitude I have. I find that things go better and I’m more optimistic when I consistently put God first.

A member of the bishopric shared a testimony and story of a three month premature baby who was given a very small chance of survival. The premie was only as long as your pinky to thumb. The member of our bishopric said was prompted to give the baby several blessings throughout the process of its growth. There were 5 premature babies in the hospital and the only one that survived was the one that received the blessings. He bore a powerful testimony of the power of the Priesthood and it was a powerful testimony meeting.

Other adventures from the past two weeks:

Machining glass! It cracks very easily and emits a very fine glass powder into the air, but other than that it is possible!

Volunteering to translate for the Church’s Gospel Library app has its rewards.

We adventured in the DI and had an all you can eat pizza buffet!!

Adventured with Thai food again. It tasted pretty good this time!

I’ll keep this one short in preparation for the crazy adventures in Thailand.

See you next week!
Derrikk Sun aka Kittens

“Anywhere you are in the world, with prayer, faith, determination, diligence, and some sacrifice, you can make a powerful contribution. Begin now.” Elder Richard G Scott