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The Break is over…

It’s been a good past few weeks. Over the holiday break off of school, I’ve been able to spend time with relatives and play with little cousins. Didn’t get much done on the to-do lists, but it was a good, relaxing, break.

Yesterday, I was able to get a ride to another Nerf war in Lander Wyoming. A great group of guys and a great war. The pace was good and the variety good, too. I finally finished up my own 3D Printed Caliburn and it worked great. My all aluminum, machined Caliburn had problems with the ram not being aligned right which resulted in the top of the ram breaking. I’m assuming the top of the ram got caught on the lip of the receiver (possibly due to too shallow a chamfer and firing without a clip inserted) and firing, causing the plunger to slam into the back of the ram cause a huge torque on the end of the ram causing it to snap. When I discovered it had broken, it was in the barrel which is definitely a sign that it was simply misaligned, I’m assuming which was caused by the ram having too much vertical movement due to the new, longer priming bars having their holes drilled slightly further down the bars causing a slight gap between the priming bars and ram. The bars were cut perfectly square and supposed to be pushed against the side of the ram to keep the ram straight. There was a lot more wiggle than should have been. Solution: 1) Recut & drill new priming bars 2) Relathe and remake the rambase with new side holes 3)add a spacer between the bars and base to maintain tension. The ram needs remade anyway, so I think I’ll just drill out the old ram from the base and make a new ram from 1/2″ OD aluminum tube instead of having to remake the whole piece. However, in order to keep the Ram from moving too much vertically, I’ll probably just try to add a spacer, or maybe just a dab of glue to keep the tension on the bars. Just not dryfiring it would also solve the problem, bur user error is a big problem. Best, most reliable solution would likely be to just remake the priming bars, but I’m also out of rectangle stock bars, so I’d have to order more…we’ll see what we can do with what we have.

School starts back up on Monday and it’ll be another few months of hard, long, labor. Hopefully the work load will be less overwhelming this semester and we’ll be able to breathe a little more. I’ll hopefully be able to continue to work on Nerf blasters throughout the school year, but it’ll have to be at a much, much slower pace. School has to come first. We actually talked about prioritizing during our elder’s quorum lesson. What an important college lesson. Nerf, school, relationships, callings, social, physical, mental, etc, etc, etc. There’s a lot to think about and balance.

I’ll hopefully be able to visit the eye doctor soon and get more contacts.
My 3D printer still needs work – not feeding properly.
Mega and Rival caliburns need work.
I’ve realized how great flywheelers are and hope to continue to work on a few of those.

That’s a quick update.

Derrikk Sun