Be Not Afraid

Last week’s general conference was great. All the the great talks answered so many of my questions. This past week, I’ve reflected on them again and again. Revelation comes gradually, even from general conference talks.

The end of the semester is getting closer and it feels like it’ll end any day which is both exciting and a bit scary. We’ll have to make it through a few last exams and assignments, but if we can do that, that’d be a major milestone accomplished. I’ve finished registration for next semester, and things are drawing to a close. All that’s left is studying for finals. Cramming non-stop for the next week or so.

Free Rootbeer floats!

I’ve picked up a part time, small job as a campus custodian to help me over until I can figure out what I want to do. This coming Spring, when school is out, I’ll be able to pick up a full time job and maybe some others as well. Hopefully not a full 15 hours a day, 80 hours a week like before this semester, but enough to fill free time.

This past week has been pretty eventful as well. I’ve had two buyers commission the new clip-fed homemades I’ve made, there’s been a few meetings for the close of the semester, and not to mention weddings and engagements.

Congratulations to my cousin Azure for her wedding yesterday. It’s super exciting to see people making big steps in their lives! I also found out another cousin who was married while I was on my mission is pregnant too! So exciting!

When I think of change for myself or other big decisions, I get so apprehensive and nervous. There’s a lot to worry about and there’s always a natural fear that comes up. That’s one thing that I noticed repeated over and over again in conference. We don’t need to be afraid, or even worry, if we just try our best to follow the Savior and have faith. No matter what happens, we really can’t be lead astray. I’ve been pondering on this over the past week or so and take much courage in this fact. If we trust in the Lord and put our “all in”, we really can’t go wrong. I’m so thankful for all of the tools and resources He has given us. From the Spirit, to Patriarchal blessings, friends, family, and the Gospel, we have so much to help keep us on the right track, no matter which path we take to get there.

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