Entering Finals Week

It’s been a good week. Classes for the semester ended last Wednesday and we spent the time reviewing for final exams. I don’t know if there’s been a more stressful time thus far. When the grades come in and it comes down to the final wire, it all starts to feel real. Like the past four months are coming down to just a few moments which will determine the rest of forever.

While it may seem that way, it actually isn’t true. Of all the advice that professors have given this past week, I think the number one most repeated piece of advice has been to not place too much value on these exams. Do your best and study, but realize that in the big scheme of things, a grade on a final is not going to be much of a difference. The most important things that will make the largest differences in our lives are not going to be from a few classes or tests. All of my professors as their last final words of the semester have advised us to keep our focus on the larger, important goals and keep our focus their. There’s been a lot of great advice recently and I’m grateful that we have so many sources of help and support. My physics professor told us a 75% in the class would be a B and the final would be mostly multiple choice and curved. This was comforting to know too.

This past week, I’ve had a few people very interested in commissioning Nerf blasters from me and I’m glad to be able to get to building more. I’ll be able to try out some new, different designs as well. This coming up Saturday will be another large Nerf event – UNFF’s general Nerf war. There will likely be families there and I heard that attendance is really good at these events and I’m excited to play after finals as a good break.

Here is a blaster I threw together this weekend. Yes, it will be in the colors shown. Should cool.

A lot is changing because of the end of the semester with people moving, and coming, and graduating. It’s an interesting life as a college student with a lot to do and get involved with.

Translating at the MTC.

Have a great week!
Derrikk Sun

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