Every Week, Every Day

There was no post last week, mainly due to laziness, but the weeks to come will certainly be better.

Every day I find more and more reasons to be grateful. From friends, to family, to all the little blessings that we receive day by day. It just amazes me to realize what all our loving heavenly Father has given us.

I’ve been promoted to pretty much the highest student position I can reach at work on campus. It’s still not the best job and I’ll look around for alternatives for next semester, but I enjoy knowing that I’m contributing to the work I have.

Not much has happened, but I’m most excited to go back to Thailand for my internship and visit my old areas.

There’s actually a lot that happens every week and day, but there’s too much to write!

I’m constantly impressed on how I’ve seen the blessings of the Gospel. For example, I continue to see a pattern of sincere prayer and scripture study with the overall attitude I have. I find that things go better and I’m more optimistic when I consistently put God first.

A member of the bishopric shared a testimony and story of a three month premature baby who was given a very small chance of survival. The premie was only as long as your pinky to thumb. The member of our bishopric said was prompted to give the baby several blessings throughout the process of its growth. There were 5 premature babies in the hospital and the only one that survived was the one that received the blessings. He bore a powerful testimony of the power of the Priesthood and it was a powerful testimony meeting.

Other adventures from the past two weeks:

Machining glass! It cracks very easily and emits a very fine glass powder into the air, but other than that it is possible!

Volunteering to translate for the Church’s Gospel Library app has its rewards.

We adventured in the DI and had an all you can eat pizza buffet!!

Adventured with Thai food again. It tasted pretty good this time!

I’ll keep this one short in preparation for the crazy adventures in Thailand.

See you next week!
Derrikk Sun aka Kittens

“Anywhere you are in the world, with prayer, faith, determination, diligence, and some sacrifice, you can make a powerful contribution. Begin now.” Elder Richard G Scott

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