Family!!!! Weddings!!! Vacation!!!

This week was good and topped off with the best family time vacation ever! We drove to Boise on Friday and stayed with relatives. My oldest sister’s husband’s family. Their family is so cute and precious! They have a large enough family where everyone does things together, but not too large that it’s hectic. They’re clearly a close knit family and were a great example of what a family looks like!

I finally got to see Levi, our little new nephew, for the first time this weekend. He is literally the cutest and best thing that I think has literally come straight from heaven. They say babies bring a special spirit into your life and I felt a glimpse of this this weekend. I’m also so impressed with Diana and her example. She flew six hours from Wisconsin by her self with a two month old baby and managed okay. I can’t imagine handling it like she did. Thanks for being such a great example!! I’ve never wanted to be a dad so much as I did this week. Everyone we ran into commented on how cute Levi was and wanted to hold him, pinch his cheeks, burp him, or even just change his diaper. I think it takes being around babies to realize how precious they really are. Being at college, you don’t have much expose to babies and families. I miss it.

Diana flew in on Saturday, we spent all day gagging at the baby and playing some games together. We went to the Shelton’s church and then a family friend’s wedding. It was a nice service. It wasn’t too big, but not too small. As we were sitting listening to the priest start the vows, I felt quite impressed. I felt impressed that two people would, as the vows said, we with each other. help one another, hug, and make the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. It was a civil wedding and it also made me ponder on the truths that we know in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Families can be together forever. Not just for this live, but forever. Watching civil weddings kind of made me sad actually. Flashback to teaching investigators, I thought of what we had just learned in Sunday school early that morning. When we know about the plan of salvation, we understand where we’re from and the purpose of why we’re here. We know what’s going to happen to us and those we love when we die. We know that we will be with those we love again and the end of this life isn’t the end of everything. It would pain me to know that, for example looking into the eyes of my little nephew or standing with my family to take family photos, to know that we would be separated in the end.

t of view on the relationship of marriage and family. The priest mentioned how the families had each prepared the bride and groom to this point. They had raised them up in a good family in order for them to have families of their own and begin their own journey together. It helped me to further understand the role of parents. A family completes a large part of their role when the children grow up and begin to start to have families of their own. The role from then on is to support and help these additional families develop. Another instance where I felt this is pretty much every time I walked next to my sister as she held her precious baby. It struck me how amazing it was for my sister to be building a family of her own. Words can’t describe. It’s a step in life that many adults have been through, but looking at it from an outside perspective, it’s incredible.
t in hindsight.

I’ve been contemplating so many different directions that I believe that Lord would have me follow,, and although the path along the way isn’t super clear, I know the end destination and I can see just far enough to take one more step forward. I often feel like I’m living the lyrics to the hymn Lead, Kindly Light.

Lead, kindly Light, amid th’encircling gloom;
Lead thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home;
Lead thou me on!
Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see
The distant scene – one stop enough for me

One step is enough for us if we can keep the faith and keep trying. He will lead us.

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