Find Ourselves When We Lose Ourselves

So sometimes the internet at our apartment isn’t very reliable and cuts out right as I sit down to do homework or write my blog post. I’ll make up for last week this week too.

These past two weeks have been so full of amazing experiences. At least they were to me.

My religion 200 class has really made me see things in ways I’ve never thought of before. I’ve learned so many things. We’ve discussed the divine role of both men and women, dating, courtship, the sanctity of life, and all of the deeper meanings behind the doctrine of the family. We’ve even had to write a research paper on The Family Proclamation. I’ve gained some new perspectives that I’ve never had before.

This week was service week at BYU! It’s so fun to get involved and to serve! I volunteered with some of the booths and helped raise awareness by passing out fliers. It made me feel like a missionary again too!

Last week, I built a new style of homemade that uses Nerf clips. The prototype worked well and I had someone offer to buy it immediately after I posted a firing video on Facebook. It felt good to be able to get building again. It’s the first homemade I’ve made that utilizes Nerf clips which makes it pretty versatile. This coming up 29th will be another special Nerf event. After the regular war, they’re planning a ‘buy/sell’ get together. Hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of a bunch of blasters.

I loved General Conference this past week!!!! I felt like the recurring theme that stood out to me was of learning to recognize the Spirit and really getting to know the Godhead. I’ve been trying to seek answers to a few questions and there were so many awesome talks that addressed heeding the Spirit. I especially liked Elder Cook’s talk, Holland’s, Sabin’s, Ballard’s, Rasband’s was so good! I can’t wait to study these talks more! I learned that we really must be trying to recognize the Spirit and then take confidence and courage in following the Spirit. I think I need to work on both of those.

Our other roommate, Tyler, took us to the Sunday afternoon conference session and afterwards went to his house. We got to meet his family and celebrate his litter sister’s 11th birthday. It was awesome to get to know them. He also didn’t fail to mention his family friend who just got from her mission in Boston. Hehe.

Mom came down and dropped off the rest of my stuff from Boise. There’s a lot more than I had thought. It’ll take a while to sort through it and I’ll end up donated a lot to the DI and selling stuff. Our storage room is now very full of stuff, but I should have plenty to work with to build new Nerf blasters. We went out to lunch with my sister, her roommates, and their mothers.

I’ve interviewed for being an interpreter at the MTC and have done some 3D printing at BYU. The underwater robotics competition went well, I’m told, and things have been pretty busy this week. People keep getting engaged and we’re continuing to meet new people. I’m told a lot changes from semester to semester, so we’ll have to see how the next one is.

Coming up is a bunch of tests and final exams. I’m doing okay, but there are some classes I’m less enthusiastic about see as less important to my major and have studied less in those classes, but it would probably be good to try to do well in those as well. Oops. I guess I’ll work a little harder to study those subjects.

Also, they new Easter video is out from the church. It’s called the Prince of Peace. I first say it a few weeks ago at a stake conference. The visiting general authority showed it to us and it brought the Spirit so strongly. I’m super excited to share the video. Here it is below.

We also had a centuries dance last week. We had people come dressed up as if they were in their favorite century. It was a pretty fun dance. We made flyers and handed them out to people. I learned quite a bit about dancing, too. Maybe I’ll actually remember and be able to apply it one day. Haha.

Throughout this past week or so, I’ve also had the opportunity to be kind of a source of advice for others. I frequently get people (mostly from my mission) who message or call with things on their minds. Some have problems with relationships, or callings in the church, or just feel downtrodden by life in general. I find it a great blessing to be able to keep connected with some of these people and try to support them. Some are also my recent converts who face trials. I’m blessed with a knowledge and testimony that I’m able to share with them. Many times the solutions that we end up with are based on an understanding of our Heavenly Father and Christ, like which was talked about in conference. One particular friend sometimes comes in a pouting, fussy way. They ended up being enlisted as a soldier, but didn’t want to be. They wanted to get out and date instead. They came and mostly wanted to just vent their problems. In my Eternal Families class, we learned that just being there to listen is important so I did. In the end, they felt much better and all I did was listen and say that God has a plan for them.

Service doesn’t always have to be something large or thought well out in advance. Often times it’s just being in the right time at the right place and involves following the Spirit. I recall many a story where a student felt a prompting to say something, a compliment, or help someone else in a small way. It ends up making a large impact on the other person. The person that vented to me ended up sending a powerful thank you that I didn’t expect and it honestly made my day to hear it too. you never know what influence you have.

That’s about the past two weeks summed up. I hope you guys have a great week!


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