Lessons Relearned

I went to the Mechanical Engineering department and talked to the adviser about scheduling, classes, and planning. I had hoped to received some good advice and be able to decide on a good direction. However, when I left that meeting, I felt more frustrated than before. The advice I got was “don’t try to plan and just worry about this semester”. I wanted to know what direction I should be headed and all I got in return was “you can’t plan”. I felt so disappointed and more lost than before. For an adviser that’s supposed to help students plan, they didn’t do a very good job at all. As I worked these feelings off throughout the day, I was never any closer to figuring it out. It remained this way until I went to the temple. As I again sat pondering, praying, and contemplating all of the things on my mind, I had a distinct impression that I did need to worry less. Not necessarily plan less, but be less caught up in the future and work more in the now. Today.

God has a plan for us even though we don’t know what that is. All we can do is take it one step at a time and try to follow that plan as best we can as we walk it. God knows the whole path, while we we only see a bit at a time. As long as the path we’re on leads to our Heavenly Father and eternal life with our family, we’re on the right one.

I again had Elder Bednar’s video on revelation come to mind. I desperately wanted and sought guidance so badly that perhaps I had begun to forget that faith is taking a step forward at a time even if we can’t see the final destination. With each step, we’ll be revealed additional light and we’ll be able to keep stepping until we’ll look back and realize how much we were led by Him. This was the biggest lesson that I relearned this past week. Our attempts to ‘figure everything out’ can often led to us to being unable to see clearly. I also happen to run into several other sources of advice that I realized were all saying similar things. A good friend keeps saying ‘don’t worry, just make the most of today and it’ll work out’. I realized how right they were and that’s another new goal. To make the best now I can.

At RHD this week, a few of us stayed longer to help the home owners. It feels so good to serve and make a difference. As an added bonus, we were fed breakfast for lunch without knowing before hand. What a tender mercy!

I’ve started work on several Nerf blasters to take my mind off of stressful stuff and make good use of my free time. Our ward is going to have a talent show this Saturday that I’ll be able to showcase if I finish in time. Also, there’s going to be another Nerf war the week after. I’ll likely be finished by then. It’s relaxing building stuff.

I went to a Three Minute Thesis competition where students presented research to a panel of judges. I ended up going early and was able to set up and meet some new friends. It was great. Service and friends, and free pizza!

On Saturday night, BYU also had their annual refugee awareness banquet. There were some awesome multi-cultural performances and a lot of info on clubs and activities to support the less-fortunate.

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