Next Week, Mid-Terms. Eek!

Swinging trusses.

This week has been such a great one! No sickness or serious injury, so definitely one of the better ones! Next week will be the start of mid-terms week, so we’ll see how that goes.

Last Sunday, we had a special fireside. It was a typical fireside for a YSA ward. It was on relationships, dating, and marriage. Our bishop shared some advice and points of view that really made me look at things in a different way. He emphasized that we must be genuine, honest, and brace in serious relationships. When the time comes, be courage and clear. It’s not some kind of weird game, he said. If you like someone, tell them you like them and see what happens. They also focused on the fallicy of looking for the one right person. Maybe other people have adifferent opinion, but they said don’t get caught up in finding the one. It’s our decision and if we spend all our time waiting and searching for ‘the one’, we may end up finding that we’ve just wasted a lot of our time. Just be true to who you are, be brave, and go for it.

At the end of the fireside, they announced that they’re going to start a Dating Box. You put your name, or other’s names, or two names together in the box and they’ll be drawn out and go on a date. It’s kind of a fun, forced way to get people dating. I put my roommate’s name in a few times.

This week, I’ve completed my second interview for the MTC and should hear something back again this week. If it’s good, there be another round of interviews. I’ve also volunteered to help translate for the church. For family search and the Gospel Library App. I’m really excited to get to continue to grow my language abilities. I went into a Thai class here on campus, but they said we’re not allowed to just sit in on classes without registering for credit, so I’ll have to consider taking a Thai class or not. In the meantime, I’ll be translating things here and there for the church! Also, I just got Thai keyboard stickers for my laptop. I can type in Thai now! เย้ๆ

Baby cougar.

A big highlight this week was going down to the BYU ME projects lab. It’s a lab full of sweet, big tools. They have mills, lathes, CNC, and a waterjet cutting machine. The best thing is, it’s all free to use for students for nearly anything we want! I’m super excited! We had a safety instruction and made little aluminum medallions. I’m feeling like I’m enjoying this Mechanical Engineering track and maybe I am in the right program. As far as working with one’s hands and being physical, people at the shop class kept saying that it was a place for those that liked to work with their hands to get some practical experience. Kind of like street smart vs book smart. I’m thinking that kind of work is looking more and more attractive to me, but we’ll see.

This past week I’ve diligently exercised everyday. It really does make a difference. “Cease to be idle; cease to be unclean; cease to find fault one with another; cease to sleep longer than is needful; retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated” (D&C 88:124). Yesterday my sister and I went shopping and I found some new athletic/running shoes, so maybe I’ll possibly start running everyday, too.

Our Tuesday devotional was by Elder Cook. It’s so cool to get to hear from general authorities on a semi-regular basis! Such a blessing! He spoke on the WoW and LoC, also about the importance of having children. A bit far into the future for me, but it was a good talk non-the-less.

This past week there was also a Science Technology Engineering Mathematics career fair and I got to talk to a lot of interesting companies and learning more about internships. I was mostly interested in the ones that worked with the military and did mechanical work, although most were looking for Informational Technology type majors. I also stopped by and talked to the ROTC department about opportunities. It’s always been something I’ve been interested in, but never super strongly. However, what it has to offer seems to be very in-line with what I’m looking for, so I’ve decided to give it a go. I’ll take some ROTC classes starting next semester and see how I like it. Maybe a dead-end, but it couldn’t hurt much to try, I hope.

Also, with Rural Housing Development (RHD) I’m now official a Program Director. I’ll be in charge of helping coordinate, train, and lead volunteers. I’ll also have a chance to drive a very large van around. Might be fun. This past week I actually got to use power tools and build things. Fun Fun.

We took our temple trip on Friday this past week because Tyler, our roommate, works on Saturdays and wouldn’t be able to go. We did baptisms Friday night and it was a pretty cool experience. Afterwards, we talked the temple grounds and sat in a separate part of the temple that they build as a kind of waiting area. It is such a beautiful place. He and I sat and talked about relationships for some time, too. He’s planning on serving a mission this coming summer. He’s a super insightful guy and wise beyond his years.

Also, what a big change to hear mom is selling the house! I’ll have to start making plans to move some things here. Luckily, I just found out that our apartment has a semi-large storage room that is also attached to it so there’s plenty of space! Also, I’ve gotten David a big excited about putting together a Nerf group this coming up month/Spring. Way excited!

คิดฮอดหลาย!! กึ้ดเติงแต้ๆ!!

Miss you!
Love you!
Derrikk Sun

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