Scruffy Looking Nerf-herders

We had two Nerf wars this Friday and Saturday. It was so fun to have the first outdoor wars of the year! It’s getting so warm out! I got the chance to test out the new builds and was quite satisfied. The Friday war ended up being a bit impromptu with my sister and her friends. I didn’t plan on joining in, but was glad I did. I mostly ran around and helped other people with their blasters, but I enjoyed seeing everyone having fun. On occasion, I’d join in and take shots. We played in an open double tennis court. It was a night war, but it was lit up okay.

The Saturday night war was with Utah Nerf Foam Flingers. It was a smaller war, with only a few more advanced Nerfers there. The UNFF hosts general wars and advanced wars every month. I got to see Kenny, my friend from Armageddon a few years back. He’s still Nerfing well. When we got there, the person scheduled to bring the key never showed up so we ended up playing in the parking lot. Luckily, it wasn’t too cold and pretty well lit (it was also at night). It was another great chance to get to run around in a more open environment; this time, without a sprained ankle (although it’s still a bit swollen and sore).

This week, we’ve had exams, essays, and a lot of club activities. I feel like my English is still not where it used to and essays are hard to write. I’ve had a paper due in Biology and one in American History. The prompt for American History was on religion and government, which was a topic that was actually interesting to write. This next week, I’ll have an essay for my religion class due on “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”. I’m still not sure what I’m going to write it on, but it should be a good experience – I’ve never written a research paper on the subject of religion before. I’m actually quite excited for it.

I got to help out with middle school kids and underwater robotics this past week. We’ve worked on sheeting more roof with RHD (we’re almost done sheeting the whole thing now), translated for the LDS Gospel Library App (way fun), got to volunteer to translate for a four hours at the MTC for a new missionary, went to a Mechatronic’s club meeting and will hopefully be able to more fully participate next semester, went on a date to a Thai restaurant here which was a little less nerve-racking than I anticipated. However, we’ve both been to Thailand, interested in humanitarian work, and were passionate about Thailand, so that gave a lot to talk about. It was a successful first date that was not in a group.

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