The Start of Something New!

I’ve learned so much in the past years, but continue to relearn things. The post-mission transition is quite difficult. From work, school, cooking, budgeting, social relationships, etc there’s an infinite number of things that change. As a missionary, we rarely ever do anything for ourselves. We serve others for two years straight, giving all our time, energy, and commitment to the one task of serving others. Coming back, now it feels like much of what we do is so much for ourselves. We work to get money, we go to school to increase our knowledge, it often feels so incredibly different from a missionary life. A career and education are essential for our lives. Despite facing so much change, the purpose is still the same. A two-year mission, a four-year degree, or a lifetime career, they all point towards the same end of returning to live with Heavenly Father and an eternal family. It’s just a different, but essential, approach to it. Through everything that has happened since being home from my mission, one thing I’ve seen stay the same is that our Heavenly Father is continuous helping us. He’s assisting us every step of the way. Never has he ทิ้ง’d us or left us alone. Often the many trials we face in life can leave us feeling lost, discouraged, broken. But He is there.

Heavenly Father has a plan for us that is more wonderful than we can imagine. As we are obedient, repent, and strive to have the Spirit, we will be led to know what it is He would have us do. God is always there and I’ve definitely seen the truth of this, not only on a mission, but from everything that has happened since, and I know for everything that will come, too. So many scriptural examples show us that it may take many times before we truly learn what we need to know, but He is loving and patient with us as we strive to understand.

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