The weather is warm!

This past week has been pretty run of the mill. I work on campus during the early mornings so I can have to do other things during the day. It doesn’t pay super well or give a lot of hours, but it’s enough to get by! I am still hoping to get a better job, but it may have to just wait until next year because there’s not too much longer to be able to work this Spring.

I was going to keep it on the dl until it got closer, but I figure it’s about time to let it be publicly known that I’m taking a trip this summer on an internship to Thailand. I’ll be working on designing and building freshwater pipe and filtration systems in northern Thailand. I’m super excited. In addition, I’ll also be taking a few trips to areas that I’ve served in. I’m super excited for this Spring to be over and summer to come! If you’d like to help contribute in improving the quality of life of the Thai people, you can donate below! All donations will go development projects in impoverished regions of Thailand and other countries in the world.

I just found out that yesterday, a missionary I had trained is back in Thailand and he’s proposed to a Thai missionary that I also served with! She just finished her mission on Thursday and is already engaged! It’s so crazy! And I’m also so happy for them! But it’s crazy!

I’m so thankful everyday that there are new experiences to be had, new people to meet, and new things to do. There’s really not a day that is hum-drum like the last. I believe it’s because our Heavenly Father wants us to learn and to grow too. If we get stuck doing the same things day in and day out, the things we can learn would be limited if we don’t seek out opportunities.

This past Saturday was the first day of RHD again of the semester. Way good! We only had 11 people, but still made a difference. We spent several hours hammering away at basement walls. My arms and shoulders haven’t been so sore in a long time.

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