Weekend of Adventure

There were some technical difficulties this past week that made posting not possible, but now that it’s fixed, there’s so much that has happened this week.

This past weekend was a three day weekend because of President’s Day and it was an even more eventful weekend than usual. On Saturday, I was able to contact and go out with the BYU Airsoft club to an event Saturday morning. It was pretty fun, but I realized how un-practiced I really am. I probably didn’t contribute much to my team in regards to hitting anything, but I did help to run in and capture the flag a few times, before I twisted my ankle on a rock and was hardly able to walk. Luckily that was towards the end so it wasn’t too bad.

After the Airsoft war, we (my sister, cousin, and cousin’s friend) drove up to Smithfield for our Grandpa’s 80th birthday. It was a pretty nice birthday party for an 80yr old and it was great to be ble to see so much family again! Also, one of my cousins is engaged, too. So crazy! On the way back from Smithfield, we picked up a bunch of stuff that mom had brought down from Boise. I’m super excited to have somethings to work on when, and if, I find free time. Other than that, the best thing about trips is being able to listen and share music interests. Just this past Monday and FHE too, we carpooled to the FHE and were able to hear new music again, too. I guess maybe it means even more now that my headphones are broken and I don’t listen to music as often now.

Saturday evening we went to a Nerf war in Orem. We got picked up by a pretty nice stranger, who we now know, and had a Nerf war indoors at a large church building. We’re not sure how they got that approved, but they’ve been having them there for almost a year now. It was David’s first Nerf war and we got to meet a bunch of people. It was pretty awesome being able to relive the glory days, although my ankle was still pretty sore so, again, I mostly limped and hobbled around. Next month I’m determined to play at my best. We did a few different game types, including Humans vs Zombies. I would’ve loved to run around as a zombie, if I could’ve ran. Also, because it was in a church, I couldn’t use any blasters too powerful, but once it warms up, they’re do events outside, so that’ll be fun.

Over President’s day, I went and visited Temple Square again. It’s 35 acres of pretty much pure cool. I visited a few museums and toured the Conference Center for the first time. I was impressed with the amazing paintings and history that I hadn’t known before. There’s a new Joseph Smith movie in a special surround theatre and new Meet the Mormon’s videos. There’s a new segment about a family of Japanese performers that was really interesting, as well as a horse trainer, and a couple who’ve done a lot of humanitarian work and the husband eventually ended up becoming a member. I would highly recommend checking it out if planning on visiting Temple Square.

Other things that have happened: I’m still doing volunteer translating, I was able to start some projects in the ME machine shop, went to a dance class, visited BYU Mechatronic’s club, went to several seminars on Bio-mechanical Engineering which were interesting, haircut, went to student symposium, and I also ran into Kyle Dildine who was down in Provo for his wedding.

It’s so great to be able to catch-up with and see people when you haven’t for a while. I guess that’s how it is when you’re older and move to another place and life takes its hold on our lives.

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