We’ve Survived!

We’ve made it through finals week with out too much blood or tears. It has taken much sweat, but the semester is now behind us. It was a really great week. Aside from stressing over finals, there were always good things happening.

This past Saturday was the Utah Nerf Foam Flinger’s group General War. A big group of people from all over the state, and a few out of staters came together for some foam flinging fun. I got a ride from some people not too far from the Provo area. It was four of us in a truck with plenty of storage space in the back. It was a really fun event and I got to use some of my newest builds. After the main playing, they had a Trade Swapmeet where people brought bins and bags full of blasters that they wanted to sell. I brought a bunch hoping to get rid of some of the older blasters I didn’t want, but instead ended up selling a few homemades, including the blaster that I used for the majority of the day and the most recent one I built. I was sad to see it go, but I’ll have to work on making another one. There was some interest in the realm of homemade blasters as well so it was a great opportunity to advertise a bit and hopefully build up some interest in introducing more homemades into the wars of mostly modified blasters.

The driver for our car was a really nice guy. We stopped and got food on the way to and from the war. On the way back, we dropped off the other two and then he took me on a trip to Lowes. As we stopped to eat, there was a Lowes across the highway and I mentioned that I really wanted to go, but as a poor college student I didn’t have a car. He offered to take me and I was really surprised. Not only that, but for some reason, he also payed for everything that I bought at Lowes. I was honestly stunned. I really felt like I needed to be paying him for the ride and not the other way around. It’s great when you can meet new people and they’re really nice. I was also able to meet more people at the Nerf event and a lot of them seemed like really good guys. There are some more weird ones thrown in, but the ones I met were really cool. I look forward to continuing to be involved and contributing to this local Nerf scene.

I’ll through some pictures up and upload a video sometime this coming week.

I’ve volunteered to translate at the MTC several times and the volunteer coordinators have noticed. I won’t be offered a job as an interpreter, but I will be given a name tap that says volunteer on it, so that’s cool.

At the close of this semester, things have changed a lot. Two of my roommates have left. One will be back in the fall, but the other is gone for sure. I’m now essentially all alone here (as far as in my apartment) which is really a strange feeling. A lot of people have gone home for the Spring/Summer or moved away so this past Sunday had very few people and some new faces as well. This kind of change is normal for college life I guess, but it’s still so new.

This month has gone by really fast and this coming up month we’re looking at a lot of Nerfing and a lot of work. Hopefully I’ll be able to work more than 40hrs a week and make good use of the time out of school. I have a few Nerf projects that people have commissioned me for and I’m excited to get to experimenting some, granted funds permitting. This month may go by slow with working full time and not having school to keep things interesting day by day, but I’m hoping it’ll go fast.

This past week, we also learned about spiritual gifts in Sunday School. It was a really amazing lesson. We are all blessed with a variety of abilities and talents that are specific to us. No two people are exactly the same and no two people have the same plan that God has for them. He knows each and every one of us personally and individually and He a need for each of us in His eternal family. I’m thankful for my family and the examples they are to me, from immediate to extended. The traits He has given each of us are so complimentary. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and the strengths of some makes up for the weaknesses of others. Together, we all make up a great family unit! Not only a by-blood family but also ward family and human family!

We’ll see what adventures and insights await us next week!

Derrikk Sun

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