A Relaxing Week

On Wednesday, instead of going to institute, our ward had a special activity where we went to the museum of a friend in the ward and got to see a lot of rare books. The owner had Joseph Smith’s own personal copy of the Book of Mormon, several first edition prints of books as well as signatures, and numerous books that belonged to famous people throughout history from George Washington, Marie Antoinette, and King James’ own copy of the first King James Bible. It was really cool to hear the stories behind each book. One such story was of the very first missionary and the very first convert to the church. He had the very book that Samuel Smith used on his mission. You could tell that books such as these had been places and had stories to tell.

The fun outing of the week was watching the LEGO Batman movie. It was as humorous as expected and had a great message too. We all need friends and our families are what’s most important to us. I would definitely recommend watching it.

This past Friday we had another indoor Nerf war in a church. The church we went to this time had a small upper level and basement. It was way cool. The hallways and church in general were smaller than our regular, but it would have been a really fun regular and not advanced war.

I’ve done a lot of 3D printing in attempts to finish a an all 3D printed Nerf blaster. It looked nice, but it wasn’t quite strong enough. I dropped it at the Friday war and it broke into several pieces. We’ll try reprinting it a little stronger next time. But here’s what it looks like:

RHD this week was good, even though we only had 7 people. We split into two groups and I and another project director worked exclusively on the house of a woman who didn’t have any family to help her. It felt good to help someone who really, really needed it.

I’m also officially a volunteer at the MTC.

This weekend, I’ll be able to meet together with my family for the first time since being back from my mission. We’ll also go to a family friend’s wedding. I’m so excited!

See you next week,
Derrikk Sun

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