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The Week Approaching Finals….

There’s been a lot to cram in before final exams. The weather has gotten a lot, a lot, colder over the past week. Colder than last year. Right in time for exams.

It doesn’t feel like much as happened out of the ordinary over the past week or so, which I should probably count as a blessing. School, work, hobbies, food, church. That’s about the majority of it.

At this time of year, everything has been focused on finals. I’m a FHE coordinator co-chair and the activities we’ve been having and have planned for the next week or so are low-key, low-stress, finals prep activities. Come and grab a snack, and get back to studying type of activities. On the note of church/spiritual, I’m still really enjoying my religion class and learn something new everyday. This past week our professor gave a great kind of example of how our spirits and bodies may work. In reading and discussing about physical and spiritual demands, he raised both his hands and made hand puppets. He said our body’s demands over our Spirit may look something like this. Fasting, like other physical needs, were brought to a new understanding and a new light from my BoM professor. Often times, our bodies are placed with much physical demands. He took his hands and made two hand puppets, one representing the spirit, and one the body. The body may say “I’m hungry!”. The spirit responds, “Okay. I don’t need to eat, but I like you and want to stay, so let’s go get something to eat”. The body may say “I’m tired, I’m thirsty.” The spirit will concede and allow our physical needs to be met. “I’m tired” “Well, I don’t need to sleep, but let’s go sit down and relax”. However, then our professor pointed out what would be likely to happen after this continues. The body will continue and continue to place its demands on the spirit. “Kiss her!” “Look at that picture!”. And if the spirit concedes to all of the physical feelings and needs that it places on it, we can quickly see how lopsided our lives would end up being. It made me really think about how hungry, tired, exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed we may be. We may be tired and pushed to do things we may not feel capable, but it’s not just what we do, but also important what we’re becoming. If we’re tired, but keep trying and keep enduring, we’ll be able to grow. Both our bodies and our spirits can support and strengthen each other when we keep a balance. Our spirits don’t need to take breaks from the physical exertion, so surely we can tap into our spirits to find a source of strength that our physical bodies can’t supply. This insight really opened my eyes about the way that each of us can accomplish more and become more, by looking that things from more than one perspective. Spiritual and physical. My professor said it a lot better than I did, but that’s the gist.

As for Nerf, things have been good, despite not having the time to work on much. I’m continuing to sell blasters, kits, and parts regularly, but still haven’t found the time to sit down and work on anything new or even anything for myself. I’ve sold off most of my blasters and haven’t had time to make my own yet. I’m working on designing and building a homemade, clip-fed blaster that shoots mega darts (luckily most of the design has been made already, but I’ve had to remodel and design most of it anyways), a clip-fed homemade for myself, an all aluminum homemade, more rainbows (so I can actually use myself, but someone has already said they’d buy it), and have many more smaller projects to try to find the time to work on. Hopefully I”ll have some time over this coming holiday season to work on some personal projects, but I’ll likely spend much needed time with my family and relatives. School honestly eats up so much of your time, it’s amazing that anyone finds time to do anything else. Maybe I’m just really bad at time management this semester. Next semester, I’m planning on cutting back the number of credits I’m taking and going to try to have a more balanced plate. Updating this website more diligently will hopefully be one of those things that’s improved.

I’ve been using BYU’s 3D printers a lot and am really enjoying them. There’s so much freedom of creativity with them. If you can think it up, and do a little work with CAD, you can make it. And you can make it so many different colors. I’ve gone a bit overboard, but have a new dream of owning my own printer (along with a lathe, mill, bandsaw, etc).

I’ll keep it short and simple but try to do better at updating in the future,

Derrikk Sun

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