Talon Claw Hardware Kit


Contains all the hardware needed to assemble a Nerf Talon Claw (a design by 55samba).



– Contains all hardware needed to assemble the most updated version of a Nerf Talon Claw, designed by 55samba on Thingiverse.
– Assembly similar to the Caliburn by captainslug:
ELITE Caliburn assembly instructions.
– Includes ramrod with o-ring cutout by default, so no upgraded ram is necessary
– 10″ 0.527″ ID barrel
– Compatible with cutdown Caliburn springs and Longshot springs
– Springs offered as kg ratings are Longshot springs
– Adjustable stock hardware and other add-ons sold separately.

– Additional springs can be purchased here: https://blogderrikksun.com/product/replacement-main-power-spring/
– Sliding ButtStock
– Railgasm
– Scar Barrel
– Ported MuzzleBrake
– Aluminum internals
– Varying barrel types
– and more!

TalonClaw hardware is slightly different in dimensions from an Elite Caliburn and several parts are not interchangeable. The screws, o-rings, nuts, and thread size are the same, but the threaded rod, priming bar, threaded rod covers, and barrel length are not.

Talon Claw Kit Includes:
Main Spring
Spacer tubing for threaded rods
Priming bars
Plunger tube
Threaded Rods
Steel Nuts
O-rings for rambase, plunger, and ramcore
Barrel (10″ default)
Extension Springs
Priming Bar Screws
Small Flat Head Screws
Small Stainless Flat Head Screws
Rolled Steel Pins
Silicone Shock Pad for rambase
Threaded Round Standoff
TakeDown pins
Aluminum ramrod core with o-ring cutout notch

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2.25 × 2.25 in

K26, K25, 788, K31, 8kg (+$6), 10kg (+$6), 18.5kg (+$6)

Spacer Tubing

Black, White, Metal (+$12), Carbon Fiber (+$20)


v3, v4


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